Retro Outrides


    Dragonfly VIP driver takes you and a partner on this one of a kind outride through the countryside surrounding Pont de Val. 

    • 1 hour countryside trip
    • The bike take two passengers + the driver (3 total).
    • Photos from your phone or camera can be taken during the trip.
    • Passengers are required to wear a helmet (provided).

     Departure point

    • If departing from the picnic park side of Pont de Val: 

    Meet 10min before departure at the Dragonfly Office in the village at the picnic park. 

    An entry fee is payable to enter the park 

    Location for the Picnic Park Entrance: 


    • If departing from the Pont de Val Restaurant: 

    Meet 10 min before your ride outside in front of restaurant reception 

    You need a prebooked reservation at restaurant in order to depart from this point 

    Or you need to be an over night guest at the Pont de Val hotel 

    Location for restaurant entrance: 


    • Arriving late for your booking will affect your time.  
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